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Træningsinformation (summer 2024)

If you missed the sign up for the season

If you missed the sign up for the season then please follow these steps:

1. Please sign up for the waiting list here

SU will contact you if and when a spot opens up for you and your level. So please add information about your level or add additional comments so you can be allocated the rigt level. 

2. In the meantime you can become a member of the club by paying a membership fee of 165 kr/month here. 

Then you can join social events such as Friday beach, book courts for free (with other members) 

It is recommended to join these two Facebook-groups if you haven't already. 

CPH Beach - medlemsgruppe

CPH Beach - Play and Connect (where you can find players to play with by writing a post.)

1. introduktion

The weekly schedule and the bredde training groups for summer 2024 are now ready. 

Overall, SU has been in charge of preparing the training groups. SU, the Elite chef and the Youth Coordinator have prepared the weekly schedule (which has been approved by the Board) and allocated the club´s coaching staff. 

Important information for summer 2024:

  • When: Start week 18 and end week 37 (included)
  • Where: Ryparken and Hafnia Hallen

2. Price for summer season 2024

Everyone who would like to be a member of the club has to pay the club´s membership, equals to 165 kr/month. With it, members have the opportunity to (i) buy training packages, (ii) book courts for free with the other members, and (iii) participate in club events (fx. Friday hygge mix). 

If you are allocated to a training group, you have to pay a training package on top of the membership fee. At the moment the club offers 2 training packages for bredde players:

  • One weekly training in afternoon/evening times: 400 DKK for the entire summer season
  • Two weekly trainings in afternoon/evening times: 800 DKK for the entire summer season

Prices for the training packages have been set by the Board, according to the club's financial strategy.

3. Weekly schedule and Bredde training groups

The weekly schedule and the training groups for the summer season 2024 are shown here. 

This summer all trainings are planned during weekdays.

Please check if you got allocated to a training group. If yes, please read sections #4-5-6 and take actions. If not, please read section #7-Q1. 

Players have been allocated to the groups as follows:

  • According to the following prioritisation order:
    1. Current members
    2. Returning members, first-registered first-allocated
    3. New members, first-registered first-allocated
    4.Late applicants waiting list, first-registered first-allocated (independently of being current/returning/new members)
  • Based on the evaluation from the coaches, if one has been allocated to a training group during the winter season 2023/24
  • Based on the last evaluation and/or experience with both indoor- and beach-volleyball indicated in the registration, if one is a former member or a new member of the club

Please note that only a number of players corresponding to maximum 8 players per court will be able to attend each training session (meaning up to 24 players for 3 courts, 16 players for 2 courts, and so forth). A slightly higher number of players have been allocated to each group, based on historical data on attendance. During the season we will monitor the attendance of all groups and we will take actions and adjust if we see that players are not able to attend many training sessions in a row due to high attendance from the entire group. 

Please also note that the names of the groups have changed compared to last summer and this winter season to move towards a more lean and simple naming system (only letters A, B, C, D, .. are now used). In this way, Extra/Ultra players are now group A, A players are now group B, B players are now group C, and so forth. Two consecutive letters don’t necessarily mean two different levels (fx. A and B). We understand that this might cause some confusion or concern, but we would like to emphasise that while the letter indicating the group has changed, the level of players within each group has mostly remained the same. Rather than focusing solely on the letter associated with your group, we encourage you to pay attention to the players within each group. Thank you. 

See section #7 for some frequent Q&As about training allocation. 

4. Action required: confirm/decline your spot

To accept the training offer, you need to pay the training package before Tuesday, the 16th of April kl. 23:59.

IMPORTANT: In case of late payment, you lose your spot in the training group and your place will go to a player on the waiting list.

In order to confirm you spot, please follow these steps: 

  1. Go to our website and log in with your profile (or create a profile and log in)
  2. Only for new and returning members: Pay the senior membership fee (monthly club membership fee) first
  3. Pay the training package for one session per week ( or two sessions per week (
  4. Check that you have added only 1 item to the shipping cart and the final price, before confirming the payment (‘check out’, and then ‘confirm’)

If you need further details, see this short video on how to pay a training package in the webshop: HERE

If you wish to decline the training offer or you are not able to participate in training this winter for any reason: It is VERY important that you write SU ( to inform us about it. In this way, we can give a spot to one of the many players on the waiting list.

5. Action required: Join the Facebook group of your training group

If you have been allocated to a training group, once you have confirmed your spot (see section #4), you should join the Facebook group of your training group to receive information from your coach(es) and get in contact with your teammates.

The links to the Facebook groups are shown in the overview of the training groups. 

Note: If you have not been allocated to a training group or if you did not confirm your spot, no action is needed.

6. Action required: Sign-up for each Bredde training session

If you have been allocated to a training group and have accepted your spot (see section #4), once the season starts, you need to sign up to each training session. You can use our homepage or the Sportyfriends App: Find your training session under 'Trainings' in the calendar and sign up for a specific date.

Please note that all coaches have been encouraged to send players home who have not signed up for the specific training session.

Important information:

  • Registration for a training session opens 14 days before and closes 24 hours before the training starts. 
  • You can be registered for one training session at a time for each training group you are allocated to. This means that if you are allocated to two trainings per week, you can sign up to one session of your first training series (fx Dame C1) and one session of your second training serie (fx Dame C2), in the time range of 14 days.
  • If the training session is fully booked, you can sign up anyway and you will be placed on a waiting list for that specific training session. In case one of the other players cancels prior training start, the players on the waiting list will be given a spot and receive an email notification about this.

Therefore, always REMEMBER to:

(i) Cancel in advance if you are prevented from participating. Always cancel on the webpage/Sportyfriends app if you are not able to go to a training you have signed up to.

(ii) Check your e-mail (incl. the spam folder) if you are on the waiting list for the practice. You might be lucky and able to join!

7. Q1: Why can't I find my name in a training group?

Once again this year, we have experienced massive interest in participation in weekly trainings, and we must therefore also announce that we unfortunately do not have spots for everyone who has shown interest. This especially affects new players who want to participate in the club's training, but who have not previously been a member of the club. 

If your name does not appear in any training group, we have unfortunately not been able to find a spot for you. You have already automatically been added to our waiting list and you do not need to take any further action for this.

If one or more players do not confirm their spot or drop out during the season, leaving free spots in the training groups, then you will be contacted via e-mail by SU.

In the meantime, you are still very welcome to join the club, become a member and book courts for free, participate in Friday's hygge mix (where all our members are very welcome and meet each other) 

Q2: I would like to move to another training group or another training day. Is it possible?

If you are not pleased with your group allocation (fx. if the specific training day doesn’t fit your private/work schedule, if your partner is allocated to another group, if you would like to be at a higher level, etc), you can contact us by email and explain the situation. However, please note that:

  • At the beginning of the season only minor adjustments will be made, but, the more in the season, the more the coaches have evaluated the level of the group and SU has assessed available spots based on players attendance. 
  • It is a case-by-case situation, it might take time (or not happening at all for the current season) as being moved up/down ultimately depends on availability of spots in the other groups and level fit.
  • In general, it is easier to ask to be moved down to a lower level than a higher level. Please keep this in mind when you write us an email or when you make the decision below.

If you wish to be moved to a another group (higher or lower), at this point of the season (when season hasn’t started yet but you need to confirm/reject your spot) you have 2 options. You can either:

  1. A) reject your spot, not pay the training package, and ask SU to be placed on the waiting list for the higher/lower level group. In this case, you are not allowed to join any training groups until SU contacts you if and when a spot becomes available for you. Note: it might take weeks, months or not happen at all (see above).


  1. B) accept your spot, pay the training package, join the training of the level you have been allocated to, ask SU to be placed on the waiting list of the higher/lower level. In this case, SU will contact you if and when a spot becomes available for you.

8. Morning practices

At the moment, there are no early morning (6:30-8 am) trainings planned as no coaches have been given availability in this time range for the summer season.

If you know someone who could be interested in coaching early mornings, please contact SU - we would be very happy to set up morning sessions for all bredde players. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t play in the early mornings. You can still do so by booking/using one of the many free available courts, both in Ryparken and Hafnia. Remember to bring your own balls.

Note: During summer Hafnia Hallen opens at 7 am (standard) or  8 am (from 1-July to 11-August) so you could use the outdoor courts before that, but you can only use the facilities (changing rooms, cafeteria, etc) in the Hallen once it opens.

9. Final important information

  • If you are unable to finish the season for various reasons (injury, pregnancy, personal circumstances, ...), please communicate this both to your coaches and to SU (
  • If you have any questions, please write us an email ( Please note that we will be OoO in week 15 with limited access to emails. From week 16 we will prioritise the emails with requests whose answers are not already explained in this post, and reply to the rest afterwards.